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Sam Torres

Sam Torres

When you are thinking about the past or worrying about the future, instead focus your energy on the present moment.  The now is where your power is the greatest.

- When you fear, trust.  Let your faith be greater than your doubt.

(Jon Gordon)


7th & 8th  English Language Arts and Reading

 (updated 3.18.2020)


Helpful suggestions as we move into our online classrooms:

1)  Check you Google Classroom daily.  Unless someone says differently, our class will just go through an email or a Google Classroom announcement.

2)   I strongly suggest downloading the Google Classroom App to your phones.  If you have not already done so or if you can, put your email on your phone too.  At least until we are back in the traditional classroom.

3)  Be as patient as possible with all this.  Some of your teachers may have already sent out work to you.  I would start checking as soon as you can.


Any questions, please reach out to me:  sam.torres@bronteisd.net.


Thank You!  



1)  I have created new Google Classroom Webpages for my 7th and 8th grade ELAR classes.  I have sent an invite to each student to your Student School email (@student.bronteisd e-mail).

2)  Please join your class through the e-mail invite that I have sent to you.  The e-mail contains the link for Google Classroom.  If you have your Chromebook, navigating the websites will be the same as normal daily use.

3) Once class is established, we can communicate through Google Classroom.

4)  I will provide Announcements through my Teacher Webpage weekly, and through Google Classroom daily.

5)  Get into Google Classroom ASAP.  If there are any questions let me know through e-mail: sam.torres@bronteisd.net