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Misty Davis

Misty Davis 

Elementary PE, Coach

email: misty.davis@bronteisd.net


Conference: 1:55-2:40



Hello students!!! I miss y’all so much!! Hoping you are staying healthy and I can’t wait to see y’all!!  Even though we aren’t at school right now, we still need to excercise and get some physical activity in!

I have a list of things you could do at home to stay in shape! Please try to do some each day!


Remember our stretches!


Review these muscles and where they are:





Exercises you can do at home:


Do each for 30 seconds then rest

star jumps

running lunges

bicycle crunches

wall push ups


wall jumps



Youtube exercise videos:







Drink water!!!

take your vitamins!

Eat vegetables!

Eat fruit!

Eat protein!


Outside activities!

Play basketball, play volleyball, ride bikes, jog, play golf, walk your dog, jump on the trampoline, dance!