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PreK Grant

Bronte ISD

Pre-K Family Engagement Plan


  1. Facilitate family-to-family support

*Creating a safe and respectful environment

  1. Dr. Becky Bailey- Conscious Discipline for classroom management
  2. Dr. Becky Bailey-Conscious Discipline website:


          *Ensuring opportunities for continuous participation in events

  1. Inviting parents at the end of each six weeks to an Academic Pep

                        Rally that awards students for perfect attendance for that six


  1. Establish a network of community resources

*Leveraging community resources

  1. Fire Station Walk
  2. Community Helper Walk
  3. Increase family participation in decision making

          *Engaging families in shaping program activities and cultivating the

expectation that information must flow in both directions to reflect two

way communication.

  1. Daily Communication Folder
  2. Weekly Newsletter
  3. Monthly- Early Childhood Parents Newsletter- parent-institute.com
  4. Two parent Conferences per school year

*Using appropriate tools such as surveys to gather family feedback on the Family Engagement Plan

  1. Send home Family Engagement Plan


  1. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning.

*Providing families with information on creating a home learning environment connected to formal learning opportunities.

  1. Monthly- Early Childhood Parents Newsletters

          *Equipping families with resources and skills to support children to visit

school in advance.

  1. Pre-Kindergarten Roundup
  2. Summer letter inviting families to visit school before the school year begins.
  3. Meet the Teacher Night prior to school beginning.

*Providing complementary home learning activities for families to engage in at home with children.

  1. At Home Family Projects
  2. List of Free age appropriate apps
  3. Seesaw- digital student portfolios

*Collaborating with families to appropriately respond to children’s behavior in a non-punitive and positive way

  1. Daily Commitments (intrinsic), Stickers/Treasure Box(extrinsic)
  2. Dr. Becky Bailey Conscious Discipline Website
  3. Kindness Notes
  4. Develop staff skills to help families meet learning benchmarks

*Promoting and developing family engagement as a core strategy to improve

teaching and learning among all educators and staff.

  1. Attending CIRCLE training
  2. T-TESS training and evaluation
  3. Evaluate Family Engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement

*Developing data collection systems to monitor family engagement and focusing on engagement of families from specific populations to narrow the achievement gap

  1. CLI Engage Assessment
  2. Parent Conferences
  3. Family Survey