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Bronte ISDCall us: 325.473.2511

Monique Bilyeu


School Phone: (325)473-2511

Email: [email protected]


Monique Bilyeu

Gifted & Talented Coordinator/Teacher 

Bronte ISD K-12 


 Our Mission Statement: Bronte ISD strives to positively impact the lives of gifted and talented individuals by providing relevant, innovative services through an engaged and rigorous program that promotes depth and complexity to further encourage a positive influence in creating and establishing lifelong learners.

CHECK out BISD's Gifted and Talented Manual: click here

The National Association For Gifted Children Parent Brochure 

Advanced Psychology: this is a free online questionare that gives a sight direction in your child's qualities and behaviors. You can use this as an informal check to see if your child might have any gifted and talented characteristics that you would like to further explore. Please click on this link.... https://www.psy-ed.com/wpblog/gifted-assessments/#test


Great website resources: 

Texas Performance Standards Project: www.texaspsp.org

NAGC (National Association For Gifted Children): www.nagc.org

Exquisite Minds-Creative and Gifted Children: exquisite-minds.com

SURFAQUARIUM: http://surfaquarium.com/index.html

Fred Rodger's Approach to STEAM: https://mailchi.mp/stvincent/fred-rogers-approach-to-steam

Lego Robotics: https://education.lego.com/en-us

Coding: https://studio.code.org/home

Brain Challenging Puzzleshttp://www.greylabyrinth.com/puzzles

Chess: https://www.mathsisfun.com/games/chess.html

UIL CHESS: https://www.uiltexas.org/aplus/events/a-chess-puzzle


SEL: Social Emotional Learning