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Student Council

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Merry Christmas & Have Safe Traveling

Sunday, December 11--Student Council Christmas Party

at Mrs. Gibbs House--Dinner and presents (remember $10 limit)

Time:  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Purpose of the Bronte Student Council is to:

  • Develop good character, citizenship, scholar and leadership skills in students. 
  • Promote student participation in academic and extra-curricular school activities.
  • Maintain and continuously improve good relations between the administration, faculty, community, and student body.
  • Provide Community Service opportunities for students.
  • Provide a democratic system and voice for the student body to express the thoughts/ideas regarding school guidelines, affairs, and activities of Bronte ISD.
  • Promote a drug-free and safe school, school spirit, and school loyalty and pride within the campus and community.

2011-2012 Bronte Student Council Officers and Representatives

 President:  Mackenzie Gibbs
 Vice President:  Jael Williams
 Secretary: Kimber Lee
 Treasurer: Beau Grigg
 Parliamentarian: Jordan Baumann
 Reporter: Creed Coalson
 Historian: Kaleb Parks
 Senior Rep: John Deller
 Senior Rep: Harley Wallace
 Junior Rep: Brooke Bedford
 Junior Rep: Erika Puentez
 Sophomore Rep: Ty Lee
 Sophomore Rep: Megan Yackley
 Freshman Rep: Kolby Lee
 Freshman Rep: Josh Puentez
Jr. High Rep:Logan Chumney
Jr. High Rep:Ean Reyes
 Council Advisor: Mrs. Lisa Gibbs

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 Bronte High School is proud to announce their affiliation with "Teens In The Driver Seat". 

"Teens In The Driver Seat (TDS)" is a program started by the Texas Department of Transportation because teenage deaths related to car crashes have reached epidemic proportions. Their statistics show:

  • About 5,000 teens die in car wrecks every year in America; 400 in Texas
  • Teens are involved in 50% more crashes in Texas than the U.S. average.
  • $41 billion problem in U.S.; $3.5 billion problem in Texas.

TDS is using peer-to-peer education to reach teenagers and warn them of the dangers of driving.  The focus is on lesser-known risks common in young driver fatalities. The top 5 risks are:

  • Driving at night
  • Distractions--such as cellphones and too many teen passengers
  • Speeding
  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol

TDS is working and growing: 

  • Over 100 schools across Texas are now participating
  • Risk awareness levels are improving by up to 200%
  • Seat belt use up 11%
  • Cellphone/texting (while driving) down 30% (at TDS Program schools)
  • Addresses a real problem and offers positive PR opportunities and constant peer reminding of driving safe.

To find out more about "Teens in the Driver Seat" go to www.t-driver.com



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