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Angela Wilson

Contact Information:


School phone: (325)473-2251


Welcome to Mrs. Wilson's 2nd & 3rd Grade MATH & SCIENCE Web Page



Students will now be working from


Monday, March 23, 2020


Weekly Assignments are currently posted. 


Chrome books will be available

Monday, March 23, 2020 for pick up in front of the school building - 

10:00 - 11:00




Zoom should be available already on student's chrome book












I hope you are enjoying your time at home. I miss all of you! I am praying for you and your family in hopes that you stay safe and HEALTHY!

Can you believe we will be learning from HOME? Who would of thought that you would be learning math & science from home and possibly even in your P.J's??? 



Here is how it is going to work...for now!!! You will need to check my web page daily for assignments/information. I am going to try to make assignments due by 4:00 on Fridays to give more flexibility. Please do not worry if you are having difficulties of any kind. Simply communicate with me and we can work through any situation together!

Keep in mind that this whole process is under construction and can change instantly. 



March 18-20, 2020


3rd Grade         

---IXL = 20-30 minutes daily  (Message me if IXL login/passwords are needed)


---Practice memorizing your Division Facts = You may need to make your own flashcards

0/10=0      10/10=1      20/10=2      30/10=3      40/10=4      50/10=5      60/10=6

70/10=7      80/10=8      90/9=9      100/10=10      110/10= 11      120/10=12



2nd Grade   

---Practice memorizing your subtraction facts = You may need to make your own flashcards

6-6=0      7-6=1      8-6=2      9-6=3      10-6=4      11-6=5      12-6=6      13-6=7   

14-6=8      15-6=9      16-6=10


Science: 2nd & 3rd Grade


Due Date: Next Week 

Research flowers: Choose a favorite flower. Write about what you have learned and draw/color a picture of your favorite flower. Have fun!

Take nature walks! I have been doing that daily! Pay attention to the flowers/plants! Be Safe!


How to send Assignments for credit?

3rd Grade:

Please take a picture of your assignment and send it via dojo message...if you have problems via dojo you may email me your picture and/or send via text message. 


2nd Grade: For now, email me your picture